Andrew Mayancsik, Science
Andrew grew up in Upland, CA in Southern California and graduated from Humboldt State University in 2009, before receiving his teaching credential in 2010. He has always had a passion for teaching and is a great addition to the FRHS Science department!  Andrew loves science, technology and "anything that would be considered nerdy."  He is currently working on the budding robotics class and other technologies like 3D printing and programming.


Wil Keepers, Science
Wil Keepers grew up on a small cattle and hay farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, then attended Blue Mountain Community College and graduated from the University of Idaho.  He served in the Navy as an Arabic Cryptologic Linguist, and has been a science teacher since 2003.  He enjoys the outdoors, writing, cooking, and reading.  He and his wife Season have three daughters, Taylor, (21) Sierra, (19) and Savannah (13), who attends FRHS!