Peter Finney, Music
I was originally born in Athens, Ohio - a small college town in the southeast part of the state. I began playing piano and trumpet in elementary school but my true passion for music began when I picked up the guitar in middle school. After graduating from Ohio University with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy, I found myself seeking adventure and this ultimately landed me in Fall River where I have appreciated the beautiful landscapes the area has to offer - in addition to the great people I've met thus far. Following a short time working in the Special Education Department here at Fall River, I transitioned to the Performing Arts Department where I have enjoyed sharing my passion for music. 

Fiona Hickey, Art
Fiona Hickey was born and raised in the Fall River Valley. After graduating as Salutatorian of her class in 1999 from Fall River High School, Fiona went on to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara. There she majored in Geography, with an English minor, and earned her BA in the spring of 2004. In 2005, Fiona moved back to the Fall River Valley with her husband and started working in the family screenprinting & trophy business. She began substitute teaching for the Fall River Joint Unified School District in 2007, opened Crumbs restaurant with her husband in 2009, and decided to go back to school for her credential in early 2019. Fiona was hired to teach Art and Yearbook at her alma mater in the fall of that year, taking over for her mom, Alexis Johnson, who taught art at FRHS for 28 years. Fiona and her husband Travis have two school-age children, Jencie and Sean. She enjoys traveling with her family, going to concerts and art shows, reading, and eating all the food!