Staff Directory

Mrs. Kelly Freeland-Sloat, Principal - [email protected]
Mrs. Elizabeth Guerrero, Dean of Students - [email protected]
Mrs. Roxanna Fry, Counselor - [email protected]
Mr. Rafael Sevilla, Athletic Director - [email protected]

Mr. Hugo Castro, Music/Drama - [email protected]
Mrs. Katie Grant, English Language Development - [email protected]
Mrs. Fiona Hickey, Art - [email protected]
Mrs. Janelle Howes, Math - [email protected]
Mr. Kenneth Howes, English - [email protected]
Mr. Wil Keepers, Science - [email protected]
Mrs. Laura Lakey, Special Education - [email protected]
Ms. Tamara Lopez, English - [email protected]
Mr. Andrew Mayancsik, Science - [email protected]
Mr. Rick Neugebauer, Agriculture/Industrial Arts - [email protected]
Mrs. Renee Reed, Agriculture/Business/Yearbook - [email protected]
Mr. Edward Romeo, Social Studies - [email protected]
Mr. Rafael Sevilla, Spanish - [email protected]
Ms. Shella Mae Villaraza, Math
Mr. Wes Wadsworth, Physical Education - [email protected]
Mrs. Kelly Whitehead, Special Education - [email protected]
Mr. Eric Zimmerman, Social Studies - [email protected]

Mrs. Melinda Parks-Blue, Indian Education Paraprofessional and RISE - [email protected]
Mrs. Janette Cochran, Senior Clerk - [email protected]
Mrs. Kati Escalante, Paraprofessional - [email protected]
Mrs. Theresa Neugebauer, Administrative Secretary - [email protected]
Mrs. Stephanie Ogden, Paraprofessional - [email protected]
Mrs. Maggie Torres, Librarian/Student Center and Scholarship Coordinator - [email protected]
Mrs. Nicole Valdez, Paraprofessional - [email protected]