Kenneth Howes, English
"I am from the glorious North of California, Red Bluff, home of cattle, mullets, and the country's largest three-day rodeo. I have taught at Chico State as a student adjunct, in Russia as a countenanced foreigner, in Brentwood as a young idealist, in Korea as an enraged alien, but it is in Fall River where I have cultivated my grey hairs. My lovely wife has blessed me with three children to massage the bunions of my golden years. I have several hobbies, but it is bicycling that defines what Emerson describes as "…the divine idea which each of us represents"."

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Tamara Lopez, English
Hi, I am Tamara Lopez! I have taught at Fall River Jr. Sr. High School for ten years. I grew up in Northern California on the coast, so I have a deep love for the ocean; however, my hiking experiences have instilled an equally deep respect for the mountains as well. I live with my teenage son. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, writing, reading, and baking. 

I teach English 10, English 8, English 7, and English Lab. It is a great privilege to teach students as they enter the school as seventh graders and then to see how much they have developed in their language skills by the tenth grade!  


Rafael A. Sevilla, Spanish/Athletic Director/Head Soccer Coach

Rafael was born in Los Angeles, CA but spent his childhood growing up in Alturas. Rafael went to school at Shasta and Butte college and completed his undergraduate degree at Chico State University in 2018 and completed his Master in Education and dual teaching credential in Spanish and History at National University. Rafael worked 13 years as a server in the restaurant industry and spent time as a drug and alcohol counselor. He has a love for History and his first language, Spanish. Rafael has a deep love and connection with athletics and has coached women's soccer at both Enterprise High School and Shasta College and has taken on the role of Athletic Director for FRHS and he is also the Head Varsity Soccer Coach. He has received the Outstanding New Educator Award by the Shasta Cascade Service Center, California Teachers Association, National Education Association and the Fall River Teachers Association as well as the Northern Section CIF Norm MacKenzie award as Rookie Athletic Director of the year 2021-22. Rafael now resides in Fall River Mills where he loves being a girl dad to his daughters Aaliyah, Sophia, Mia and Bria.