The Jake Skuce Unique Spirit Project

At the end of the Fall 2015 Semester, Fall River High School launched the Jake Skuce Unique Spirit Project. This program provides 1:1 technology for all students in the form of Chromebooks. This opportunity enables and supports students and teachers to implement  a variety of technology while enhancing engagement and developing lifelong learners. 

Fall River High School strives to inspire students in an ever-changing world where technological advancements are happening at a rapid rate and commits to prepare students for whatever path they choose after high school.

The Jake Skuce Unique Spirit Project became possible when Jake's parents Dave and Betsy Skuce donated the funding needed for the 1:1 technology through Chromebook laptops, in memory of their beloved son. Jake was a remarkable and creative young man, with a love for inquiry and discovery. His spirit has inspired Dave and Betsy to give the students of our small rural school the technology and resources they need to help provide them with the opportunities to learn in a way they never would have otherwise.  

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Skuce Family and are proud to represent Jake's memory in this way. 

Dave and Betsy Skuce

student chromebook chromebooks in classroom