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Career Technical Education

Fall River High School Pathways

Agriculture Science

Public Speaking - semester long course that focuses on the ability to speak in front of others, a cornerstone of the FFA and Agriculture program, works as an introduction to Agriculture Education.

Ag Science 1
Agriculture Science is designed so that students gain a broad understanding of a variety of agriculture areas, develop awareness of the many career opportunities in agriculture, participate in relevant experiences and expand leadership abilities, through FFA Activities. If students complete both Ag Science I and II, they will receive a year of A-G science credit.

Ag Science 2
same as above, in addition, the opportunity for research based, hands on science experiments expands.

Advanced Agriculture Leadership
This course utilizes advanced agricultural based curriculum to gain practical experience in sectors involving agricultural business, animal science, leadership, communications and journalism.


Florilculture 1This class involves the fundamentals of floral design theory, techniques, and skills currently practiced in the floral design industry, including wedding, sympathy, party, holiday, and themed floral designs. Subjects will include applied art principles, cut flower care & handling practices, proper and safe use of florist tools and materials, pricing of floral products, and use of current floral business technology. This includes involvement in FFA activities, planning of an agriculture based project, and keeping accurate records.

Florilculture 2same as Floral 1, in addtion, skills to be developed include customer relations, consultations, pricing, and use of technology in the industry.   In addition, the inter-curricular FFA program supports and enhances the materials covered in the classroom.
Floriculture 3same as Floral 1 and 2, in addition, Construction and servicing of special events, party, and holiday floral displays are included.

Agriculture Mechanics

Ag Mechanics 1A basic introduction to shop safety, Oxygen/Acetylene welding , cutting torch operations, tool identification and usage, basic metallurgy principles and electricity
Ag Mechanics 2Introduction into ARC welding, MIG welding, forge principles and surveying, plasma torch applications, tractor safety and operation and basic mechanics principles and elementary fabrication
Advanced Ag MechanicsPractical application in design, fabrication, and marketing of student projects, computerized plasma torch operation and up to date industry trend study

Industrial Arts

Wood Tech 1Introductory course designed to overview industry career opportunities, understand shop safety, tool identification and proper tool usage
Wood Tech 2 and 3 - Develop carpentry skills in basic drawing interpretations, completion of tool operation including stationary equipment, handheld electric tools, finish materials application and project budget appraisal
Advanced Wood TechPractical skill application of woodworking principles in designing, fabricating, finishing, marketing student built projects